“If safe schools, clean neighborhoods, less crime, less homelessness, fewer taxes, helping small businesses, strict on crime and environmental issues…are Republican talking points, then I’m scared to know what the Democratic talking points are! This is not a Republicans/Democrat issue – public safety and quality of life go beyond party lines,” Irwin told CTN.

Kristina Irwin for State Senate

“I believe California is worth fighting for.”

District 24

Why I Am Running

As a mother of three, wife, and businesswoman, the current challenges our families face, from inflation and high gas prices to crime, homelessness, and government overreach, compelled me to step forward and enter the race to represent the 24th State Senate District. 
As an immigrant from Serbia, my family experienced firsthand the failures of an unchecked, unresponsive, non-accountable system of governance. The results are always the same: unsafe communities, high cost of living, and out-of-control fuel, food, and housing prices. California is on a self-destructive path, each day becoming even more costly and dangerous. No community is exempt. The affordability crisis is evidenced by rampant crime and homelessness affecting our neighborhoods, businesses, and quality of life.
The current Democrat supermajority system has passed legislation unchallenged, proving detrimental to the people the politicians represent. 
This November, elect me as your next State Senator to help restore California’s checks and balances in favor of you, the residents, and your families. The issues are many and vital, with no time to lose. Let’s return California to the people – the parents, small business owners, independent contractors, and farmers. It’s time to create sound and fair legislation that makes common sense. 
I’m an immigrant, wife, mother, businesswoman, parent advocate, and candidate for CA State Senate District 24. I am asking for your vote to bring balance back to Sacramento.

Kristina Irwin Candidate For State Senate District 24


Why You Should Vote For Kristina

My vision is for a better, cleaner, and safer California. I believe in our Constitution, civil liberties, freedom, and that all things are possible with GOD. We need to do better in this State; for our kids, ourselves, our community, and the future.


Lowering taxes for individuals, businesses, and gas – I will always vote to lower our taxes not to raise them.

Pro Business

I will do my part to lower regulations and lessen red tape for small businesses. Entrepreneurship is the heart of our district.

Water Conservation

We cannot conserve our way out of a failed policy which refuses to build water storage infrastructures.

Public Safety/Quality of Life

The rights of victims must be a priority and chronic offenders must be addressed not released without bail.

Medical Freedom

I promise to uphold the Constitution and vote against any forced medical procedures.

Foster Youth

I will tackle the broken foster care system by working with social workers, non-profits and the communities to help build pilot programs for foster youth. Transitional housing, counseling and vocational schools are a must.

Wife, Mom, Candidate

Kristina Irwin Candidate For State Senate District 24

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District 5, Los Angeles, City Council
District 5, Los Angeles, City Council

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