Meet Kristina

I am an immigrant, wife, working mom with three kids, a real estate agent, and most recently a parent advocate. When Covid hit and the schools shut down – the lockdowns, the mask mandates, and the vaccine passports, I knew I had to do something. I saw how Covid was affecting my kids and I knew they couldn’t be the only ones. The school shutdowns and the mandates have affected all kids, especially the special needs kids, kids in low-income neighborhoods, and kids in minority communities. Affects them mentally, socially, and emotionally. And now with Covid almost gone, our so-called leaders in Sacramento still want to implement Covid bills that are unethical and unnecessary and will have a horrific long-lasting impact on our State and our communities and it must stop. This prolonged state of emergency must stop.

I’m a champion for businesses, children, families, and GOD. 

Why I Love America

I was born in the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, now Serbia. My parents left their socialist country with two suitcases, a dream, and a 3-year-old me. Leaving their home was not easy but making a life here was even harder. My father, a physician, and my mother, a pharmacist in their old country had to re-learn and re-earn their medical degrees and master the English language while working odd minimum wage jobs hoping to make just enough to pay rent and have food on the table for me and my little sister. After many years, it paid off and the American dream became a reality. They were able to buy their first home, send both their kids to college and the rest is history. It is from my parents and seeing their struggles that I learned hard work, dedication, and determination equal success. I am a fighter and I will fight for you, your district, and for our future.

If elected as your next State Senator, my promise to you is accountability, transparency, and doing the right thing by my constituents. You will have a leader in Sacramento representing your ideas and visions.

Los Angeles Candidate Politician District 5

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