Kristina Irwin

For State Senate

As a strong, common sense, Christian Serbian mom of three, wife, entrepreneur, sister, daughter, friend, volunteer, and real estate agent; I am a born leader, fierce negotiator, strong ally, and a mama bear warrior. I am confident I will take California to the next level of autonomy, greatness, and success. Please donate to my grassroots campaign – it takes money and votes to win. I can’t do it without you so let’s do this together! 

Key Issues

Effective and Actionable

Preserving our rights, freedoms, and liberties is crucial, and I will make it a priority to address homelessness and crime. And we cannot forget about the importance of cleaning up our coast and helping endangered marine life. As your State Senator, I will make sure we bring California back to its golden days. I am here to fight for you, and I won’t back down. It’s time the people of district 24 had someone on their side to stand their ground and do what’s right. Vote for me on June 7th. Be sure to write my name down on the ballot, as a write-in candidate, as your representative of choice, and together, we will accomplish all these goals and more!

Back The Blue

Election Integrity

Small Business

Preserving our Beach Community

School Choice

Public Safety

Homelessness/Foster Youth

Medical Choice

Lowering Individual and Business Tax (and Gas Tax)

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