Kristina Irwin

For State Senate

I am a parent, not a career politician. I love California and will fight for what our district needs. I am not afraid to speak up in Sacramento and will proudly represent my community.

The lockdowns put America’s talent and workforce into a cage. It was incredibly disruptive to our livelihoods and economy. If elected as your next State Senator, I pledge to take action and stand against future school closures, lockdowns, and mandates. It’s time the people of District 24 had someone on their side who will listen and lead and do what’s right. 


Vote for me on November 8th, 2022.



Preserving our rights, freedoms, and liberties is crucial, and I will make it a priority to address homelessness and crime. And we cannot forget about the importance of cleaning up our coast and helping endangered marine life

Strict on crime

Unlike my opponent, I voted YES to recall both Governor Newsom and DA George Gascon. Tougher sentences for criminals. I stand by the victims and will do everything in my power to protect our communities. 

Tackling homelessness

Our homeless situation has been out of control for years. I will work with the local and county officials to implement ideas into actionable plans. Use existing laws on the books to help the homeless including homeless youth, vets and pets. Transitional housing and triage are a must.


Our public school system is broken and has been for some time. Our schools are currently ranking #44 in America. And that’s unacceptable. Students should be funded, not the systems. I promise to empower parents with choices whether it’s vouchers, education savings accounts (parent controlled accounts) or other initiatives that are parent approved.


Parental responsibilities/keeping parental rights – As parents, we have the responsibility to protect the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of our children. This includes protecting them from indoctrination, sexualization, and family alienation by politicians and organizations with their own agendas. The best advocate for the child is their parent. I will make it my personal duty to rally behind and support parental rights and responsibilities. 

Key Issues

Effective and Actionable

As your State Senator, I will make sure we bring California back to its golden days. I am here to fight for you, and I won’t back down. It’s time the people of district 24 had someone on their side to stand their ground and do what’s right. 


Lowering taxes for individuals, businesses and gas – I will always vote to lower our taxes not to raise them.

Pro Business

I will do my part to lower regulations and lessen red tape for small businesses. Entrepreneurship is the heart of our district.

Water Conservation

We cannot conserve our way out of a failed policy which refuses to build water storage infrastructures.

Public Safety/Quality of Life

The rights of victims must be a priority and chronic offenders must be addressed not released without bail.

Medical Freedom

I promise to uphold the Constitution and vote against any forced medical procedures.

Foster Youth

I will tackle the broken foster care system by working with social workers, non-profits and the communities to help build pilot programs for foster youth. Transitional housing, counseling and vocational schools are a must.

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